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TURKEY LOADS. From first gobble, the magic is planted in your heart. One day you're yelping on the way to work. And the next you're calling in sick, because some ol' boss tom has your number. Choke size varies. You will have to take it to a gunsmith. MOST chokes, including full choke, can safely fire slugs. Some makers of adjustable chokes recommend that slugs NOT be fired thru Either modified or full choke... full choke keeps the shot in a tighter bunch, so it is better for a longer shot.Review of the Best Turkey Chokes for the Remington 870. This choke tube provides the best patterns when shooting Winchester's Long Beard Turkey loads. With precision machined construction and the ability to handle multiple shot sizes, the Black Diamond Strike is a fine choke for...

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The 3.0 mH air core choke, wound from 16 AWG copper wire has a DCR of 0.75 ohms, or three times the resistance and about 64% of the inductance. This means the loss in the Air core is about 4.66 times as great as the iron core choke. In order to both minimize the inductors resistance and cost, vendors have wind chokes on magnetic cores.
Choke Tube size CONSTRICTION NAME CONSTRICTION MEASUREMENT (.000 of an inch) Cylinder .000 (Bore Diameter which vary on manufacturer/model) Skeet .005 Improved Cylinder (IC) .010 Light Modified (LM) .015 Modified (MOD) .020 Improved Modified (IM) .025 Full .030 Extra Full (EF) .040 Turkey (TKY) .045+ The chart below gives an idea of the effective yardage for most loads: CHOKE LEAD ...
Carlsons' Extended Turkey Choke Tubes extend approximately 1" from the end of the barrel. This choke tube is manufactured from 17-4 heat treated stainless steel and had a matte blue finish. It feature a 1.050" parallel section to produce the optimum...
Image 4: Miroku, Browning and a number of other shotgun makers use shorter screw-in chokes such as these Mirochokes. As well as the etched ID, these chokes also have notches on the leading edge to designate the choke size, from 1 = full to 5 = skeet. Image 5: Briley screw-in chokes have a strong following. The longer choke length improves ...
Some will have written descriptions on the tube, for example, cylinder, skeet, improved, modified; others will have notches cut into the edge of the tubes, others still a system of stars and the best quality chokes will also give a size for each as we’ve seen above i.e. 0.706″. As a general guide:-1 star or notch is Full choke
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Weatherby produces or has produced shotguns with the IMC, Mobil, and Crio choke thread patterns, and the models that use each pattern are listed below. IMC (Integral Multi Choke) SA-08 (12 & 20 gauges
Apr 02, 2009 · The is the general line FrontenacPike. More open choke is often beneficial as well. The 20 gauge wads are not as picky though. My 12 gauge stoeger 2000 shot the Federal #5 Flite control lead shot through a ported Comp n choke choke very well.
HUNTING CHOKES; Card "Turkey Shoot" MERCHANDISE "CLOSE OUTS" Info 2258 Brattonsville Rd McConnells, SC 29726 803-328-6829 Call us at 803-328-6829. Powered by BigCommerce
Understanding Shotgun Chokes A brief explanation by Briley. If you are new to shooting and do not understand shotgun chokes, do not be surprised. Seventy five percent of shotgun shooters that have shot for many years do not understand shotgun chokes either. Let us start at the beginning.
TenTeague extended chokes cyl, skeet, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, full,extra full. New old stock posted to your address £270 for the set . Will split at £33 each toinclude postage. They will be posted signed for. payment by bank transfer… £60 US$81/€67. Teague Chokes Krieghoff Super Extended Choke
Non-Turkey Chokes- Negative thru X Full Sporting Clay, Skeet, Trap, Waterfowl, Upland Bird, Deer, Competition & All Other Applications * Call 877.267.3877 if you don't see your gun
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We spent a few days in Colorado testing the new and improved Black Cloud with ported chokes that we used to leave home. Black Cloud’s new FLITECONTROL FLEX wad ran as good as we had hoped. The wad held our shot columns tight, right through those 30- and 40-yard-plus shots, as you can see on this drop.
Jan 15, 2018 · Selecting the chokes and cartridges likely to be best suited for each Trap discipline produces quite an array of options. However, thinking about the target speeds (hence distance they are likely to be engaged at) also the height and angular variations, it soon becomes clear that some situations are more demanding than others.
Looking for the best choke tube and turkey load to go hunting with? Check out the impressive results from the Mojo Fatal Shot choke tube and the Winchester Long Beard XR. This shows the differences in a few choke tubes and shot sizes in order to determine what fits Jack's shotgun the..
Feb 06, 2008 · Best for trap shooting, waterfowl pass shooting, turkey hunting and buckshot loads. Modified Choke. The modified is characterized by less constriction than full choke, delivering approximately 60 percent of a shell's total pellets in a 30" circle at 40 yards.
Consistent patterns of 100% in 20" at 40 yards with 3" mag. 00 buck is the kind of performance we experienced. These chokes use a combination of controlled constriction, internal lugs and venting to achieve superior pattern control. The controlled constriction takes place in the beginning two-thirds of the choke tube.
The Winchester Pattern Board allows you to select your gauge, choke, shell length, pellet size, brand, and distance and view the real pattern from that load as well as patterns from comparable loads. Play with different loads, share your favorites, and see what others are shooting.

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I patterned by Benelli SBII with a .660 ported choke (forget the brand) and it put 3 and 3.5" Remington and Federal turkey loads nicely on paper. I usually shoot a full choke with Federal Vital Shok 00 3.5", i was just wondering if anyone had good results shooting buckshot out of a turkey choke...
Posted by David Fox on Sep 4th 2020 Very easy to use I found you don't need to apply a whole lot of pressure
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The various size chokes constrict the barrel thus tightening the spread of the shot. The choice of choke will depend on what game bird you are choosing to hunt. I came across this chart that I have used on numerous occasions to decide what choke may be best utilized for what I would be hunting.
Anyhow, since a turkey's head is only about the size of a fist, you want most of your shot in a rather tight pattern. That way, there's a greater chance that a In that instance, a choke isn't strictly speaking necessary. However, a Modified or Improved Modified choke (basically the best all arounders with a...
Testing the BEST TURKEY HUNTING Choke and Shell Combo! In the video we test the 4 most popular turkey chokes and the 6 most popular turkey loads! All shells were shot through a Benelli ...
Healthy turkey chili made with lean ground turkey, kidney beans and corn. This version is simply the Can you please share the serving size or did I overlook it? I noticed someone else asked as well so This is ridiculously good. Making it again for a friend. We used the leftovers and made "choking...
This is a great question -- I think it is the number one question regarding chokes and steel shot. This chart below, courtesy of our friends at Briley, makes it very simple to understand. Pick out what you usually use with lead and see how it compares with the patterns it produces with steel shot.
Best company service out there... Posted by Austin O. on 5th May 2020 So I want to start off saying I order the wrong choke tube size. I wanted to order a .665 but I must of set it for .650. called and they were awesome they informed me that I could send it back for the other construction.
Nov 20, 2012 · I inserted the next larger size comb insert and that got me dead on. I set up a larger target and shot it at 40 yards with Winchester supreme 12 ga 00 buckshot using the "pass shooting" choke tube. I am very pleased with this pattern.
Best Shotgun Chokes for Turkey Hunting. 1 Carlson's Long Beard XR Choke. However, certain choke tubes, particularly turkey choke tubes may have a constriction size of 0.10. Here is a summary table that shows the different kinds of choke tubes and their constriction sizes.
Mar 22, 2011 · * Super-tight turkey chokes — such as those with.660 constrictions — shoot small shot, such as No. 6, best. * Chokes with larger constrictions, such as.680, usually work best with larger shot — No. 4 or 5 — or in shotguns with back-bored barrels. * Hevi-shot produces the tightest patterns through chokes with constrictions of about.675.
Feb 06, 2008 · Best for trap shooting, waterfowl pass shooting, turkey hunting and buckshot loads. Modified Choke. The modified is characterized by less constriction than full choke, delivering approximately 60 percent of a shell's total pellets in a 30" circle at 40 yards.
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Oct 16, 2020 · Clay shotgun chokes: choices. We know clay shooters like extra choice. With shot sizes this has lead to the introduction of the very useful and successful shot size of UK 7.5. Falling between No 7 and No 8 shot, it has become probably the best selling shot size in UK clay cartridges.

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